MOPED SCOOTERS DETAILED FOR FREE! Scooter Mopeds R2R Heated Storage!


Scooter Mopeds R2R Heated Storage!

November 1st   Thru April 30

Only $179!

Package includes:
• Secure, heated on-site storage November 1 – April 30
• Battery maintenance (if needed)
Regular starts throughout winter
7 Day A Week Pick-up and Ride Availability
7 Day A Week Drop Off or Pick-up Service
Bike wash & detail at time of initial drop off and final pick-up.

FREE Safety, Maintenance and Performance Inspection at Time Of Drop Off
We check of the following :
Brakes- fluid, lines, rotors, pads, linkage
Belt or chain tension
Lights, tires, and air pressure
Suspension and shift linkage
Plug wires, Handlebar mounts, Throttle Cables, Gauges
Motor and transmission for primary leaks
Screws, nuts, bolts inspection and tighten

Full R2R (Ready 2 Ride) Scooter Service Available from 11/1/2012 thru 4/30/2013
(You will have a 2 week grace period after April 30 to pick up your moped scooter or motorcycle. After May 14, 2013 a $5 per day additional storage fee will apply.)

Limited Space Available…

With a light, warm, short winter projected, Grand Rapids Scooter is offering Ready-To-Ride Heated Moped Scooter Storage.  You can drop off your scooter, moped or motorcycle at Grand Rapids Scooter anytime between now and December 1.  We will keep your bike out of the elements, away from potential thieves and ready to ride for you as weather permits throughout the entire winter months.  No need to winterize and be with out your ride until spring.  What if there is a week of 70 degree dry weather in December, or more 80 degree days in February and March like last year?  Your moped scooter will be here waiting for you to pick up conveniently 7 days a week! You’ll be able to ride it as long as you want and just drop it back off at Grand Rapids Scooter when the weather turns for the worse.  We are conveniently located by 2 Division Public Bus Stops and also offer Pick-up/Drop-off service for Only $25! (limited area)
Reserve a space for your moped scooter or motorcycle by November 1
(*We will clean your ride each time you drop it back off to us for FREE!)
Don’t be without your moped scooter all winter again!


Reserve a spot today!


Grand Rapids Scooter
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3140 S Division Ave Grand Rapids, MI 49548
(616) 666-3803


  1. Is there any etiquette for kids riding scooters? I only allow my son to ride on the sidewalk and I tell him to try to keep a good distance away from pedestrians. I don't want him terrifying any old ladies.

  2. Motorized scooters should not be ridden on public sidewalks. Your child should always stay on private property when riding while under legal age limit. Getting in trouble riding on sidewalk could effect his ability to get his drivers license when he turns 16. Thank you.

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