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Students Get 10% OFF ALL Moped Scooter Models
10% OFF All Scooter Parts & Accessories!
(Offer Good Through Febuary 2013!)

10% Discounts Apply To Regular Advertised Prices Only
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(Only $1080 with Student Discount!)

Grand Rapids Scooter Open 9am - 9pm Seven Days A Week!
Our Feature Models:
The Amore 50 By Znen $1300 (ONLY $1170 with Student ID!)

The Supremo 50 By Znen $1200 (Only $1080 With Student ID!) This Supremo 50 by Znen scooter is built to last and go fast.
The Supremo has a 4 stroke engine, CVT belt drive automatic
transmission, 12" alloy wheels, electric/kick start, front ABS
disk brakes, rear disk brakes, chrome gearcase cover, halogen
headlights, stainless steel hardware, Deni carburetor and dual
rear shocks. It's put together with all stainless steal hardware
and comes with a 1 yr/3000 mile fender to fender warranty! It
also boasts a fabulous 2-stage paint job with Black Pearl contrast
that changes color from black-to-purple-to-blue-to-green in
sunlight. The high profile tires, wider body and extra large storage
trunk makes this moped scooter one of the biggest in its class too!
It's perfect for taller riders and feels more like a motorcycle than a
moped. It also features a digital clock in the dash panel. At $1300 the Supremo 50 by Znen is simply one of the best values in
the market today! Come test drive one today and you'll see why!
SSR Lazer Moped By Bashan $ 900 (Only $810 with Student ID!)

Urban Express VIP By Bashan $ 850 (Only $765 with Student ID!)

Speedster-T3 By Taotao $899 (Only $810 with Student ID!)
The Retro-B By Taotao $ 850 (Only $765 with Student ID!)

Grand Rapids Scooter also carries scooter helmets, moped scooter covers, protective riding eyewear, factory scooter moped parts, after market parts, tires, belts, bulbs and more! Come see what all the buzz is about...

Chris & Roger
‎The guys at GR Scooter were extremely helpful and a great resource while my wife and I were shopping for a couple mopeds to tool around on. After we weighed all the info and shopped at every place in town we could find, we decided on two Znen Amore Scooters from GR Scooter. We always knew we wanted a couple quality scoots that we could could enjoy for years to come but thought we'd have to spring for a Vespa or Honda to get it. I would recommend you try these Znen Manufactured Scoots before you go spend $2500 on a Vespa. We love ours! We got two of them for about the price of one Vespa and I think the Amore is built and deigned even better.

As I was looking to get into the scooter market I kept running into high priced name brand scooters. I was really interested in a vintage/retro style of scooter, but didn't want to surpass the $2000 price point. At last I found the ZNEN Amore50 at Grand Rapids Scooter. These guys clearly know how to pick top quality scooters. The impressive room and styling of the Amore 50 can't be matched. This is not your typical scooter, it has tons of chrome, retro styling, and the best part are the handle bars that provide an unmatched feel of comfort as you cruise down the road. Grand Rapids Scooter also provides fantastic customer service and technical support.

My experience at GRScooter was absolutely amazing! I love my ZNEN Aurora. I get stopped all the time by people on the street telling me how awesome it is and I have to agree! Not only does it look cool, but it's saving me tons on gas! Jason and Paul are always willing to answer questions and help me out as a first time scooter owner. They even spoke to my insurance lady for me! Great guys! Great place! Great products! Everyone should check it out!

Jack Lipton
The ZNEN Aurora 50 is getting its share of miles. Julian and Sydney thank you for helping them get into a scoot. Only 200 more miles before oil and gear lube change!

LaDonna Cannon
THE UP GRADE TO MY SCOOTER WAS A SCCESS! THnak you guys !it is was even more of a blast today !

Great little fast scooter with lots of storage...

I had bought the blue one at a local shop for 995.00 back in april. Someone stole it last week so I decided to check online and this was the best price. Other sites are selling the same models for nearly $1,000!! Its a great bike with lots of storage space =)

Awesome Scooter and Service...
Wow! The quality and performance of this scooter is unbelievable for the price! It even looks great! This scooter is a hidden gem among the lower-priced Chinese scooters.

Gail (Chicago)
Excellent Service and Scooter...
Needed some help putting it together but, that is because I am not in good health. Videos were very helpful. The scooter has a lot of power 40mph plus, right out of the box and I am not a light weight. On level ground it will go 45mph +. The service is great, I had some questions and a real person always answered the phone.

Perfect 1st Scooter...
My mother bought one and once the guys at Grand Rapids Scooter explained everything and showed us how everything works (neither of us ever had one before) it's been perfect! My mother rides her scooter to work every day and she's getting better at being on the road with it and is looking forward to taking it on some longer trips (more than two miles) so she can do a little shopping and visiting friends. I like it so much I'm going to get my own and eventually one for each of my twin sons! I can't wait to have my own!

LaDonna Cannon
These guys are better than the rest! They have taken good care of me since the day i walked in the door. I would not go anywhere else! GR Scooter ROCKS!!!

Grand Rapids Scooter
"Importing High Performing, Reliable and Affordable Moped Scooters To West Michigan"
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(616) 666-3803

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