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Five Moped Safety Tips that Could Save Your Life

You always have to be aware of yourself in a moped. It moves faster than a bicycle but provides less protection than a motorcycle. Here are some tips to keep you safe.
1) Safety Equipment: First and foremost is protection. Helmets that are DOT approved are best and proper clothing is paramount. Avoid sandals, shorts and short sleeves. Emphasize your protection with gloves, a riding jacket made from a tough material. Some riders even buy motocross armor (similar to what dirt bike racers wear) for their moped rides.
2) Traffic Laws: Obey all traffic laws. Don�t try to run a red light even if it is one of those actuated by the weight of a vehicle, be patient, if you have to, dismount and touch the sidewalk actuator, but whatever you do, don�t let impatience get the better of you in certain situations. Especially on high traffic roads, there is bound to be someone coming to hit the signal. Keep on the right side of the road unless you are making a left turn, most laws require the moped rider to be within three feet of the right line, this is a good standard to follow.
3) Be Observant: Keep an eye on your surroundings. You are virtually invisible to the other drivers, especially those who are on their phones or in some other way distracted. A benefit to a moped rider is they can dip off onto the sidewalk if necessary to avoid a collision. Make sure you have both mirrors and they are angled so you can see the most possible area behind you. Cars behind you are more dangerous than the ones next to you.
4) Safe Riding Practices: It is always good to employ safe riding practices when on your moped. Ride defensively. Don�t be too aggressive because you are after all smaller than the others sharing the road. You don�t want to try to go head to head against a truck or car. Night riding is not advisable but if necessary, wear bright colored clothing, reflective strips on your jacket and your helmet and keep your headlight in good working order.
5) In Case of an Accident: Always make sure you speak with the police officer on the scene, unless you are severely injured. Some hospitals will refuse treatment if you are found to be at fault, and it is very likely the person in the car with whom you had an accident will not be honest in the events that occurred to avoid being sued or found at fault. Make sure the officer has your side of the accident on record.
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