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C ZNEN-Aurora Scooter

Certificate: EEC, EPA, DOT

ZN50QT-E3 50CC Scooter

Appearance dimensions1891×872×1090 mm
Net weight91 kgs
Max load150kgs
Max speed45 km/h 25 km/h
Displacement49.6 ml
Max power2.23 kw/7500 r/min 1.25 kw/7000 r/min
Max torque3.10 N.m/5500 r/min 2.20 kw/5000 r/min
Wheelbase1250 mm
Tyre sizeF:3.50-10 R: 3.50-10
Brake modeDisc/Drum
Brake operationF: Hand R :Hand
Engine NO.BN139QMB
Unique Selling Points of C ZNEN-Aurora
Vehicle partsSelling pointsPictures
ElectroplatingMost parts of the vehicle are chrome plated, which makes the vehicle attractive and brilliant in appearance.
Rear back cushion This type of scooter is designed with a back cushion, which ensures the comfort and safety of passengers.
Rear parking brake systemDesigned with rear braking system, this vehicle is characterized by safe braking and easy start.
Handle sleeve38mm large handle sleeve enables riders to grab on handlebars comfortably.
Aluminum pedal matThe vehicle is equipped with aluminum pedal mats, which greatly promotes vehicle grade.
FairingThe exterior appearance of our self-developed fairing is coherent with the structural design of the whole vehicle.
WindscreenOversized windscreen is optional.
Zhongneng Industry Group Company is a quality conscious motor scooter manufacturer in China. Our major products are 50CC scooters, 125CC scooters, and 150CC scooters. With our consistent focus on quality and service, we are able to provide high quality scooters to our customers.

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