May: Motorcycle "Moped Scooter" Awareness Month In Michigan

May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month
Sat, 05 May 2012 05:04:47 EDT

May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness month in Michigan.

The effort attempts to decrease the number of injuries and fatalities associated with motorcycling.

Motorcyclists are asked to use a safety helmet, wear the proper protective riding apparel, and keep your motorcycle in good operating condition. Also, drive defensively, be aware of weather conditions, ride near the center of the lane, and avoid excessive speed and alcoholic beverages.

As well, by State law, riders must get training and a motorcycle endorsement for their driver’s license.

Other motorists are urged to be aware of motorcycles on the roads, especially at or near intersections; to share the road; keep a safe distance from motorcycles; check blind spots; and use extreme care in passing.

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