About Us

At Grand Rapids Scooter we pride ourselves in knowing everything we can about the moped scooter market so we can help educate perspective buyers.  Whether you ultimately decide to buy from us or another retailer, we are happy to assist you through the decision making process.  So please don't hesitate to call just to ask questions or if you just need an honest opinion about price or quality of a moped you're looking to buy.

Grand Rapids Scooter specializes in finding the highest quality 50cc moped scooters we can offer locally at a reasonable price.  We feel $3500 is too much for any 50cc moped.  We know we can find a handful of manufacturers who provide both exceptional quality, great warranties AND price value.  We've proven it with the introduction of Znen, SYM, Lance and Adly Manufactured products to Michigan.  These moped scooters rival the quality of the Vespas, Hondas and Yamahas of the world. We believe they are a better value as we can offer them to you at half the cost!

Along with offering great scooter models, GRS also offers parts, service and accessories.  You can search our online store here.

Grand Rapids Scooter is also extremely commitment to Rider Education and Safety.  Click on the 73 page "You and Your Scooter" e-book to your right.  It is jammed packed with great information and riding safety tips. 

Ride Safe & Ride On Michigan!