Thank you to everyone who came out for the ride to Robinettes Saturday...
It was a great time!

This is our latest project at Grand Rapids Scooter.  We searched high and low to fine a small enough sidecar to fit on a 49cc scooter.  With some luck we found a Cozy Sidecar here in Michigan that was still in the wooden crate it was shipped in back in 2007. 
After a little elbow grease and some customizing with some of the body parts from the Amore 50 by Znen and other accessories, we got the little cozy sidecar looking pretty sharp.  Now all we had to do is attach it to the Amore moped scooter.
Once attached with custom brackets we now had the task of figuring out the "lean-out" and "toe-in" aspects of a sidecar.  After a few days of tweaking and figuring it out (there is little info on the web on sidecars for scooters or mopeds) we then did the final wiring and detail. 
 Let us know what you think. 
My dog LOVES IT!

Come Check Out The New Scorch 50cc Moped Scooter
It sits the tallest out of all our models...
Even Taller than our Supremo and with the same Znen Quality!
Or The New Edge By Znen!
How About The Breeze...A Znen Quality Built Moped For Under $1000!!!
Our Feature Models:
The Amore 50 By Znen $1300 (ONLY $1170 with Student ID!)

The Supremo 50 By Znen $1200 (Only $1080 With Student ID!) This Supremo 50 by Znen scooter is built to last and go fast.
The Supremo has a 4 stroke engine, CVT belt drive automatic
transmission, 12" alloy wheels, electric/kick start, front ABS
disk brakes, rear disk brakes, chrome gearcase cover, halogen
headlights, stainless steel hardware, Deni carburetor and dual
rear shocks. It's put together with all stainless steal hardware
and comes with a 1 yr/3000 mile fender to fender warranty! It
also boasts a fabulous 2-stage paint job with Black Pearl contrast
that changes color from black-to-purple-to-blue-to-green in
sunlight. The high profile tires, wider body and extra large storage
trunk makes this moped scooter one of the biggest in its class too!
It's perfect for taller riders and feels more like a motorcycle than a
moped. It also features a digital clock in the dash panel. At $1300 the Supremo 50 by Znen is simply one of the best values in
the market today! Come test drive one today and you'll see why!

SSR Lazer Moped By Bashan $ 900 (Only $810 with Student ID!)

Urban Express VIP By Bashan $ 850 (Only $765 with Student ID!)

Speedster-T3 By Taotao $899 (Only $810 with Student ID!)
The Retro-B By Taotao $ 850 (Only $765 with Student ID!)

Grand Rapids Scooter also carries scooter helmets, moped scooter covers, protective riding eyewear, factory scooter moped parts, after market parts, tires, belts, bulbs and more! Come see what all the buzz is about...
Grand Rapids Scooter
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