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Omaha drivers are learning to share the road as more cycles, scooters and mopeds are hitting to the streets.
Rising gas prices are contributing to the increase in alternative forms of transportation and miles per gallon is only one part of the equation. Miles per gallon play a big part in the popularity of mopeds and scooters. Some of the newer models can get 100 mpg and still average 30 mph.
But there is something more happening on metro streets. Mopeds and scooters have become a more acceptable form of transportation. Mopeds and scooters have become hip.
No one knows how cool mopeds have gotten better than Edward Manhart, who bought his first moped about a year ago and since then has opened Ed's Moped Shop and sells customized mopeds. "I strip them down completely and rebuild them 100 percent however I want it or however someone else might want it."
The fact is there are more scooters and mopeds on Omaha streets. Owner of Breeze Cycle, Gloria Gard, has been riding motorcycles most of her life, but says scooters are the fastest growing segment of her business.
"Three years ago we probably sold 20 per year. This year they're coming and going so fast I'm having trouble keeping track of them and I had a period of time where my manufacturer couldn't keep up."
The production problems have been solved at Breeze Cycle and the showroom floor is filled with all kinds of mopeds, scooters and motorcycles. But Edward still has some work ahead of him and because of the growing popularity it might be difficult for him to keep up.
Manhart believes the gas savings is only part of the reason for the backlog. He knows mopeds are fun to ride. "I think with the moped it is kind of a coolness factor because you don't have to have it registered or license plates or anything like that as long as it is an actual moped with working pedals."
There is quite a culture growing up around the mopeds and scooters. A group of moped owners usually ride in the Old Market on Sundays. There is also something called Mod Mondays where scooter owners meet at 6:30 p.m. at Stinson Park, 67th and Center.
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