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I can't believe someone makes... Motorised luggage

BOXX.jpgWe've covered super soaraway luggage before - see I can't believe someone makes... Luggage scooters - so this one caught my eye last week. Taking things to a whole new level is motorised storage. Easy Rider was never so cool!

I saw this in The Week (sourced from Stuff Magazine) and the Boxx motorised ride-on suitcase will set you back $3,995! There are headlights, too! And if you want to spend a bit more, there is optional heat seating...

For your thousands of dollars you get a piece of kit that speeds up to 35mph (not legally, along airport terminal corridors remember!) and can cover a range of 80 miles apparently. (It's officially classified as a 'Moped'.)
According to the makers, the features of the system include:

Vehicle Footprint = 1 meter
Vehicle Weight = 120 lbs
Wheels and Tires = Standard 10 inch with extra low profile oem tires
Aerodynamic Design. 3X lower drag coefficent than average
Lighting = Oversized all LED dot lighting system with hazzards
Onboard Storage = Two cargo bays. Room for two bags. Secured
Mechanical footpeg emergency brake
Fluids Free Vehicle
58 front / 42 rear vehicle weight distribution
Performance: 2 to 1 power to weight ratio
monocoque / unibody design


Integrated kickstand
Front and rear carry handles
Oversized handle bar grips
Indoor / outdoor storage
External multicolor vehicle status indicator
Glove, pocket item bin
Front / Rear coiled suspension
All aluminium construction
40 degree surface grade capable
Road capable performance
Superior comfort ergonomics
Audio Alerts
90 days Labour, 1 year parts warranty
Upgradable 3 year full coverage warranty
Optional Heated Seat (Cold Weather Package)

Passport? Check. Toothbrush? Check. Let's fire this baby up.... In fact forget the airport, the thought comes to me, you could potentially drive to your holiday destination itself, on your luggage!...
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